I work as a Coach with individuals in a work or personal context. Within a coaching relationship, some people are keen to reflect on their professional practice and working connections. Others want a safe space to look at their life from a more personal perspective including work/life balance or relationship challenges.

My role is to listen, build a trusting relationship and broaden the possibility space for you to move forward. I will take account of your understanding of coaching so we can develop a partnership to work usefully and innovatively together in new directions for you. Sessions can be offered via online platforms e.g. Zoom, MS Teams or face to face if safe to do so.

I use my own knowledge, skills and experiences to help focus on helping you to recognise and use your own personal skills and resources to make changes in your work, life or a balance of the two.

You may want to contact me if you:

  • are keen to explore your professional and/or personal development needs
  • want to set some goals or targets to achieve defined or as yet undefined aspirations
  • are seeking support but are unsure who or what to access at this uncertain time in your life

Feel free to contact me for an initial chat, further information or to arrange an introductory session