Personal Construct Psychology

Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) forms the foundation of my work practice and I am part of the PCP Community.

To keep my PCP learning and practice alive, I work with many PCP practitioners, receive regular PCP supervision, and supervise those with an interest in looking at their work through a PCP lens. I currently facilitate a supervision group for a diverse group of practitioners who want to include PCP within their work and life. I receive PCP coaching from Mary Frances and have links with the Institute of Constructivist Psychology (ICP) International Lab, Padua, and the Personal Construct Association.

Adele Pile and I have now started to offer PCP Foundation training consisting of an Introductory day and five subsequent days. This Foundation Level Certificate is accredited by the PCP Association. If you are interested please see details here

Recent PCP publications:

  • Psychotherapy and Aphasia: Interventions for Emotional Wellbeing and Relationships (Neuro-disability & Psychotherapy: Specialist Topics) Edited by Kate H. Meredith and Giles N. Yeates. Ch 3: ‘A Personal Construct Psychology approach to aphasia’ 2020
  • Psychological Therapies in Acquired Brain Injury Edited by Giles N. Yeates and Fiona Ashworth Ch 4: ‘Working with people with Acquired Brain Injury and their families: Personal Construct Psychology (PCP)’  2020

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