Personal Construct Psychology

Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) forms the foundation of my work practice and I am part of the PCP Community.

To keep my PCP learning and practice alive, I work with many PCP practitioners, receive regular PCP Supervision (both 1:1 and in a group), and supervise those with an interest in looking at their work through a PCP lens. I currently facilitate a supervision group for a diverse group of practitioners who want to include PCP within their work and life. I receive PCP coaching from Mary Frances and have links with the Institute of Constructivist Psychology (ICP) International Lab, Padua, and the Personal Construct Association.

A new venture in 2021 is a one-day Introduction to PCP workshop. This is a stand-alone day but can also be the first day in the 6-day Foundation Level Certificate accredited by the PCP Association.
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Recent PCP publications:

  • Psychotherapy and Aphasia: Interventions for Emotional Wellbeing and Relationships (Neuro-disability & Psychotherapy: Specialist Topics) Edited by Kate H. Meredith and Giles N. Yeates. Ch 3: ‘A Personal Construct Psychology approach to aphasia’ 2020
  • Psychological Therapies in Acquired Brain Injury Edited by Giles N. Yeates and Fiona Ashworth Ch 4: ‘Working with people with Acquired Brain Injury and their families: Personal Construct Psychology (PCP)’  2020

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