I am an experienced supervisor and believe passionately in the benefits of both receiving and offering high quality supervision. I have received a variety of forms of supervision, coaching and mentoring from a range of professionals during my career and continue to do so. Each of these relationships has supported, developed and helped me to grow both as a practitioner and as a person. Sessions can be offered via online platforms e.g. Zoom, MS Teams or face to face if safe to do so.

I offer professional, clinical & practice supervision (1:1, paired or group) and managerial supervision (1:1) to a wide range of professionals working in public and independent, health, education and social care settings. All supervision is provided in accordance with best practice guidance. Each relationship is uniquely tailored to a supervisee’s circumstances and enables each individual to develop both professionally and personally. The supervision I provide is typically regular (e.g. once every 6 weeks) but I can also be approached for one-off or occasional sessions to support a particular issue or dilemma. I currently facilitate Action Learning Groups within the public health sector on a regular basis.

I am a member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and PCPA (Personal Construct Psychology Association) Supervisor Directories.

You may want to contact me if you are:

  • keen for a confidential space to understand or review your supervision needs and practice
  • seeking to reflect on current work practice and/or work/life priorities
  • wanting to explore the possibility of taking a step in a new direction, transitioning between roles or looking at wider careerĀ options

Feel free to contact me for an initial chat, further information or to arrange an introductory session